The Top 10 Interesting Physics Term Paper Topics To Consider

  1. Engineering Thermodynamics and What it Means for Energy
  2. How can thermodynamics make our daily lives easier? Will engineering help us accomplish a cleaner energy source leading to less pollution? How will this affect the economy?

  3. Dangers of Electricity in our Homes and How to Reduce Threats
  4. We’ve become accustomed to many conveniences around the home. However, many of these pose threats to our lives. What are the most dangerous items and how can education help reduce their threats?

  5. Knot Theory and Quantitative Literacy
  6. What effects does knot theory have on our understanding of quantitative literacy? What do the implications of this relatively unknown field have on our understanding of physics in general?

  7. General Principles of Thermodynamics
  8. What are the principles of thermodynamics? Can these be explained in a way that most people will understand or are the principles limited to those people who already understand the terminology?

  9. Distance Traveled By an Object & Position Displacement
  10. How can a better understanding of these two factors affect the way we build or advance methods of transportation? Will it lead to more fuel efficiency or faster travel times? What will public perception be like?

  11. Quantum Mechanics and its Future in the Modern Home
  12. What advantages can the modern home see if quantum mechanics were to enter our lives? Can quantum mechanics play into other aspects outside of the home and have a significant impact?

  13. The Social and Political Perspectives on Nanotechnology
  14. Will society benefit from nanotechnology? What will these benefits be? What are the implications of nanotechnology on social and political views?

  15. The Physics of a Basketball Free Throw
  16. Sports physics are a popular sub-field. What can be learned about the physics in a basketball free throw that could give us some perspective about how to improve abilities in the sport?

  17. The Theories of Physics Explained for the Common Man
  18. Will this ever be possible? What kind of language needs to be used in order for the common person to understand the basic physics of theory? Is this really necessary or is it more of a convenient commodity?

  19. A Complete Explanation of Chaos Theory
  20. Chaos theory is often discussed and brought up in classrooms as a catch-all explanation for what can’t be explained. However, chaos theory is often misunderstood. What would an accurate explanation do in terms of how we reason with our lives?

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