Creating A Research Paper Title: Basic Rules To Remember

When you are tasked with writing a research paper one of the more often underappreciated elements is the title. The title is a very important aspect to your final piece because the title will influence the perception a reader holds about the piece that you are creating. Your title cannot be excessive in word count which means that you have to choose your words very carefully.

When you are creating a title you have to remember that the title must be scientific in nature. In the field of scientific and academic writing there are many terms which describe whole processes or systems. If you can locate the terms which reflect upon your particular project in such a manner you can use fewer words in your title and yet tell a much bigger story.

  • For example, if you want to convey that you completed a survey and analyze the data from the survey to generate results related to your topic you might be up to say something such as "quantitative". If you are reviewing a case study for the purpose of your research you can use the word "qualitative". These words indicate the type of methodology that you use and as such if you use just one of those words you will convey to the reader the type of research you conducted and how.

  • One of the key things related to the perfect title is that it needs to grab the audience and whisk them off their feet. You want to use keywords which relate to your text so that the final piece can be better catalogued and so that anyone who, in the future perhaps, is searching for research themselves on the topic you selected will be able to input the keywords related to your topic and find the results. If your population study was focused in a geographic area that geographic area might serve as a word you want to include in the name. If your study instead focused on an age group or a gender those would also be ideal to include in your name.

  • The goal of naming your project is to convey as much information as you can with us you words as possible. If you are having difficulty refining the name you have you might consider looking over other titles within the same field to perhaps generate ideas.

Use Tips That Will Work


Not all of us so creative to generate ideas on different topics and write great papers every night. Still, there are some classic methods to make a solid, well-written paper.

Rewriting Skills


Some students may think that their work is finished as soon as they write the paper. Still, a lot of work must be done before handing it in.


Edit and proofread your research paper before submission. Check for typos, word usage, grammar and punctuation. Your content should be polished and easy to read.


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