Advertising Plan

In efforts to grow its clientele, “Hairmosa” Hair & Beauty Salon plans to have an advertising campaign that will aim women in Cypress Park and its environs. According to the research already conducted by the company, the residents of Cypress Park have a good potential in terms of income and can form a good source of business for this beauty giant. Advertising will entail use of billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio and television adverts will also be used to reach a huge target market to ensure increased sales and revenue from products sold and services offered. Marketing research forms an integral part of planning for many beauty giants in America. This is because the company wants to lead in providing women with the best beauty services and products. In its bit to realize this, the company has designed the following advertising plan.

Promotion Activities

The company targets 50% increase in market share for the next three years. Promotional activities will vary from time to time. The management has targets to carry out promotional activities in three important ways i.e. through word of mouth where residents and people outside Cypress Community will be invited to attend the inaugural ceremony. In the ceremony, the company staff will have the opportunity to promote the salon. The management knows that this is a persuasive way and will help the salon to grow its customer base quickly. To further this, editors of magazines and newspapers will be invited to the inaugural ceremony too. Apart from these efforts, the company plans to hire the best marketers to ensure that these targets are achieved through providing free services to elderly people or people with breast cancer. The company’s primary business is services around hair styling, nail arts and make-up. To start with, the company plans to offer discounts of up to 10% to its customers who regularly use both the company’s products and services as well as engaging in social tasks as environmental cleaning and cutting hair for volunteers to be used by the breast cancer victims as wigs. Advertisements have been planned to be carried along Cypress Avenue near New Puppy Gallery. This aimed at attracting and retaining valuable customers. Young and older women in their middle ages will be the primary target of this campaign. This is because this group generates up to 90% of the any business revenue in any economy.

The company has favored this area because its population is affluent and it has a heavy traffic in the areas closer to the company. Many people flock the area to buy gallery and this can be a catching point for the company. Events will be done twice every week to ensure that the company meets its market share target. The team will engage potential customers one on one in a bid to spread word of mouth. Personal selling has been praised for increasing sales in any given comp-any because of the impact it leaves in the mind of the customer. The sales team will be outsourced for professional handling of customers. Product samples will be used and free service will be offered to the first two clients every month.

Social Media Campaign

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others will be used to promote the company’s goals. In these campaigns, messages will be tailored to meet the needs of the target market. Hosts and producers of various television channels will be used. Photos of products and explanation of finer details about services offered will be given here. Of specificity, the photos that may have been taken during promotion could be posted on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram so that people who post similar photos using the firm’s products receive discounts and/or gift vouchers.

The main theme of the social media campaign will be promoting the company’s brand by helping the customers understand that Hairmosa” Hair & Beauty Salon’s services will leave them with unforgettable experience since the it employs the services of specially trained personnel who will handle all the needs with care, respect, and all the professionalism they deserve. According to Bruhn & Georgi, best service is responsible for 90 percent retention rate of customers for most businesses in the world.

To effectively reach the 272 neighborhoods, the company will extensively use social media. Daily posts will reflect the company’s desire to offer the services affordably. Residents will be invited to like our social media pages. The company will also pay to promote these pages because they create an integral way of reaching more customers especially the new generation.

To start with, the business has to define its goals and strategies. The management have already done that as stated in the mission and vision plan. The company wants to achieve growth based on three main values i.e. price, quality and professionalism. Driven by these goals, the social media campaign will focus on them in order to propel the vision and mission of the business. Hairmosa” Hair & Beauty Salon’s objectives have to be SMART. That is to mean that they must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

The company’s goal for instance is to realize 50% market share by the end of three years in business. Taking part in the international hair styling contest will be a ladder to achieve international recognition for the company. The company may use extensively multiple mediums for communication and promotional activities. According to the initial plan, word of mouth will be the best place to start. The company’s target customers are women young and middle-aged customers for quality and professional service at an affordable price.

The message

Advertising message will also be designed in a manner that will be ear catching to both potential and current customers. The messages will demonstrate the value of our services. In addition customers will be informed that our company uses modern technology in providing the best services in the market. The message will also be able to demonstrate the health benefits of using our products and services. Our target customers will be able to draw a clear difference of our products and services from those of the competing salons in the area. Hairmosa” Hair & Beauty Salon will offer a dedicated service and will put clients first. This is because the management understands that a happy customer makes a happy business.

Major emphasis will be on the value the customer gets in our services. Communication will therefore aim to help potential customers to understand that a Hairmosa” Hair & Beauty Salon, they will get the best experience, best products, best staff, best quality and above all the best price. So they can be assured of value for every coin spent at Hairmosa” Hair & Beauty Salon.

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