Ten Simple Steps To Writing A Good Research Paper

If you have been set the task of writing a research paper and you want to complete the work to a high standard, then the following 10 simple steps should help you with the process.

  1. Identify an overall theme or topic to write about
  2. The first thing you need to do is identify a general theme or topic that you wish to write about. Of course, if you have been asked to write the paper for a particular subject, then you might already have some ideas in mind. It can be a good idea to think about what you have studied recently, so as to narrow down a particular topic or theme that you might wish to write about.

  3. Establishing a primary question to answer
  4. Once you have a general theme in mind, you can then start to think about what sort of question you wish to base your paper on. Essentially, the primary question will be the title of your paper.

  5. Thinking of any relevant secondary questions
  6. As well as the primary question, it may be that there are various relevant secondary questions that you wish to answer as well, so it is a good idea to think of these at the same time.

  7. Deciding which sections to include
  8. Once you have an idea of what sort of questions you wish to ask, you will then be ready to decide which sections you may require, such as a methodology or an analysis section.

  9. Making a list of any research materials or resources to use
  10. You can now start to work out where you will carry out your research, including any materials or resources you will use. Making a list will simplify the process, and can make it easier when writing citations later on.

  11. Choosing any other relevant research techniques
  12. As well as using various resources for information, you may wish to gather your own data using various research techniques.

  13. Writing the first draft
  14. Having carried out the necessary research, you will be ready to write the first draft. Do not worry too much about making it perfect, you should mainly think about getting some ideas written down, which can be changed later.

  15. Writing any necessary subsequent drafts
  16. Having written the first draft, you will then be ready to make any necessary amendments, until you are happy with the final product.

  17. Fact checking your work
  18. Once you are happy with what you have written, you will need to check over to ensure that any facts are correct and have references included, where necessary.

  19. Proofreading and editing
  20. Finally, you need to check that the spelling and grammar is all correct.

Use Tips That Will Work


Not all of us so creative to generate ideas on different topics and write great papers every night. Still, there are some classic methods to make a solid, well-written paper.

Rewriting Skills


Some students may think that their work is finished as soon as they write the paper. Still, a lot of work must be done before handing it in.


Edit and proofread your research paper before submission. Check for typos, word usage, grammar and punctuation. Your content should be polished and easy to read.


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