A List Of Good Research Paper Topics About Children's Literature

Most people have a very strong and nostalgic relationship with children’s literature, and specific children’s books in particular. Often times this kind of subject, that we connect with personally, can make for fascinating research subjects, because most people don’t think much about why they loved certain children’s books so much, or what they learned from the books they read when they are young. There are so many interesting subjects around children’s literature that can be explored with research, such as how books interact with societal issues, and how the psychology of children’s books affect their readers.

Here’s a list of good research topics about children’s literature:

  1. Explore the relationship between subjects and content of children’s stories and their styles of illustration.
  2. How has the way that the traditional family unit is portrayed in children’s literature changed in the past several decades?
  3. How has interracial marriage been portrayed in children’s literature?
  4. How has same sex marriage been portrayed in children’s literature?
  5. Explore how the interaction between girls and science, technology, engineering and math subjects is portrayed in children’s books?
  6. What role does fantasy play in the intellectual development of children, and how does children’s literature contribute to it?
  7. Why do many children prefer fantasy stories?
  8. What is the archetypal character for children’s mystery books?
  9. Explore what factors make children’s books timeless and able to transcend generations
  10. What are examples of animals being personified in children’s literature, and what does it accomplish in the story?
  11. How are issues of poverty handled in children’s books?
  12. How are issues of homelessness handled in children’s books?
  13. What are different ways that issues of divorce are handled in children’s books?
  14. How is the theme of death used in children’s literature, and how is this different than how it typically is used in adult literature?
  15. What kinds of children’s books are most effective at getting young readers to begin reading independently?
  16. How could children’s books be more accessible to low-income and underserved children?
  17. Are there more female or male children’s book authors? What does this say about the culture and industry of children’s literature?
  18. How has the way that nature and the environment are portrayed in children’s books changed over the past few decades?
  19. How has the theme of role been handled in children’s books?
  20. Does turning a children’s book into a movie increase sales of the book?

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